New Platinum Member Exlusive Feature -December 18th 2022 System Update

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Release Date: 12/18/2022

A new Advanced Feature – Daily Change Alert is now live and available to Paid Platinum Members. The layout of the Alert page is also updated to accommodate this new feature.

New Advanced Feature – Daily Change Alert

Daily Change Alert sends email notifications when availability changes on any day during the next 12 months.

How does it work

Stay Length – daily change alert checks the availabilities for the next 12 months.

Update Frequency – checked on a Daily basis.

Alert Result – “Available” if there are NEW reward rooms found for the next 12 months compared to the previous daily update, otherwise “No NEW availability found”.

Email Notification – sent individually for each hotel

Requirements and Limitsfor Paid Platinum Members Only. Paid Platinum Members can set up to 3 Daily Change Alerts.

Alert View – under the Daily Change tab in the Alert Page. The NEW reward rooms for the past 3 daily updates were kept under each Daily Change Alert. Mobile users need to click on the Menu button to see all 3 tabs.

Create Daily Change Alert
Daily Change Alert Email Notification
Daily Change Alert View
Mobile Alert View

Quick Sample

  1. Find the hotel on the Home page using the search field. Click on the Bell icon to open the Create Alert Window

2. Choose “Daily Change” alert type and set your Max Average Point per night (default is 150k per night).

3. Find your Alert status on the Alert page under “Daily Change” tab

System Update – Alert Page Layout Change

Instead of color-coding different alert types and showing all alerts in one list, the Alert Page now has three tabs to show alerts by their types.

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