August 26 System Update

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Release Date: 08/26/2022

System updates for Search Feature and Hyatt Any Day Alert are implemented on August 26th, 2022.

Search Feature Updates

Following the July 11th System Update of the search feature, we decided to add more data to the hotels not on the popular list.

The hotel chains use different data structures and rules. Currently, this update only applies to the 1,576+ Hyatt Hotels. Please follow our system update news about Marriot & Hilton properties.

Update Frequency – Monthly

Due to the large amount of time and recourses required to populate the availability date over 12 months, availabilities for Hyatt Hotels not on the popular list are updated on a monthly basis. Users are advised to check the “last updated” time stamp on the availability page.

Popular hotels on the homepage will continue to have daily availability updates.

How does it work

  • Select Hyatt from the hotel brand filter
  • Enter keywords in the search field
    • The search results show a maximum of 36 matches (6 pages)
    • All Hyatt hotels have availability and point value range
    • All Hyatt hotels have its own availability page

Any Day Alert For Hyatt

Any Day Alert sends an email notification when availability changes on any day of a stay (up to 5 days). It is previously available to Hilton alerts only. We have extended this feature to Hyatt alerts in this update.

How does it work

For Hilton and Hyatt Alerts, users can now choose to get email notifications for the Full Stay or Any Day.

Full StayAny Day
Alert Result“Available” only when system found reward rooms for the whole stay, otherwise “No Availability Found”.“No Avaiablity Found” when there is no reward room avaialbe for any day of the stay, otherwise show availability details
Stay LengthUp to 30 daysUp to 5 days
Room DetailsRoom details are listed only when the alert result is “Available” for the full stayRoom details are listed when there are reward rooms available for any day of the stay
Email NotificationWhen the status of the full stay changesWhen availability changes for any day of the stay
MemberFor all membersFor Gold level (and above) members
Alert ViewBlack font color for Full Stay AlertsBlue font color for Any Day Alerts