The Beginner’s Guide to MaxMyPoint

Please note: this post will be updated regularly as we make progress in development.
“Some credit cards are offering 100K+ points as a signup bonus. What is the value? Should I sign up?”
“I have saved hundreds of thousands of reward points for a dream vacation, but the hotels I want to stay have no availabilities for standard rewards.”
“Am I getting the best of the hotel reward programs?”
“How to travel like a pro?”

If you are seeking answers to those questions, you have come to the right place.

Our Goal

At, our goal is to help viewers to maximize their hotel point value and make booking with points easy.

Please leave us a comment below if you find any bugs or have recommendations.

Our List

At this stage, we have a list of selected Hilton properties in high demand, which have limited availability for standard reward rooms. We will be adding Hyatt properties to our list very soon.

Check our list at

The hotel list contains the following fields:

  • Brand – Hilton properties with more brands to be added soon.
  • Name – the official property name
  • Availability – the percentage of the days when standard reward rooms are available in the next 365 days
  • Max Value per Point – the maximum cash value of point (cents per point)

We update our list daily. Viewers should be reminded that properties with a low availability rating are in relatively high demand and the standard reward can be booked out within hours after our list is updated.

Search for a property

The “Search” field applies to all data on the list. You can search by the brand and/or property name. For example, let’s search for properties in the Maldives. Enter “Mal” and the list will narrow itself down to 2 properties that match the keyword.

Availability List

Click (or tap if you are using a mobile device) on the availability icon to bring up the availability list, which shows the Date, Number of Rooms, Points needed for redemption, Cash Rate (including tax and fees), and the value of points. At the top of the list, you can find the date and time when the information was last updated.

Search Availability

You can use the search field to check if there are reward rooms available for the dates you want to travel (e.g. April 2022 as shown below). Whenever possible, book a stay of five consecutive nights (Hilton offers the fifth night for free), which will further increase your point value by approximately 20%.

In this case, our list shows the highest value is 2.03 cents per point. This is well above the valuation of 0.6 cents per point, according to The Points Guy (as of Feburary 2022).

Click on the dates and you’ll be re-directed to the official Hilton website booking page.

Request to add a property to the list

If you can’t find the property on our list, you can request it by sending an email to

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